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Technology Managers Forum (also known as TechForum) is a professional association that has been serving IT managers since 1994. Founded by executive director Priscilla Tate, TechForum produces programs and executive events for IT leaders and senior management executives who work directly for midsize and large enterprise organizations.


TechForum excels at bringing to light the issues and the challenges facing those who manage technology in midsize to large organizations. Unique to TechForum events are our pre-qualification requirements for attendees, and our no-media policy. Our programs and events mirror the marketplace arena where buyers and sellers get beyond the hype of high-tech marketing, and focus instead on real-world issues surrounding the business management of technology.



Event Sponsorship for Technology Providers


Technology Managers Forum works closely with vendors to create appropriate sponsorship options that benefit both the sponsor and our members.



TechForum Security Forum Conferences


Technology Managers Forum holds two one-day Security Forum conferences per year in a prime Manhattan location.



TechForum Roundtables


TechForum Roundtables are half day events that offer technology providers and IT professionals a chance to exchange views on more specific topics of interest. Events are held at a prime Manhattan location.



TechForum Membership for IT Managers


Technology Managers Forum has an active membership of more than 1000 pre-qualified IT directors and managers at mid-to-large organizations. TechForum members are in the executive ranks, with the majority holding the titles of CIO, SVP, VP, Manager, or Director of Technology.






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