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Technology Managers Forum 2010 Best Practices Awards


Business Process Improvement
First Place: Deutsche Bank

The Brokerage New Account Opening Process had long been recognized as a challenge both for the Deutsche Bank  Private Wealth Management Division and for their US private clients.  The manual, paper-driven process was inconsistent among branch offices, required a multitude of forms, workflows and rules, was difficult to enforce regulatory compliance and, most importantly, was not particularly accommodating to some of their most valued customers. In a classic example of fundamental business process improvement that encompassed a major segment of their business, Deutsche Bank  leveraged an existing set of applications and platforms to develop an automated, consistent, account opening workflow. Their new process enabled faster and more accurate account  openings, improved adherence to compliance regulations, and increased transparency into the process-- all while shedding approximately 25 forms and over 600 unnecessary rules.  Some of the Best Practices employed on this effort  included dividing the complex project into a series of manageable phases; establishing and maintaining early, strong relationships with the business process owners; and delivering an initial Proof of Concept to reduce uncertainty in cost, effort and scalability.


Technology Innovation

First Place: PHH Arval

After some deliberation, the Technology Innovation Judges unanimously chose PHH Arval as the 2010 Best Practice Award winner in the Technology Innovation category. The PHH Arval  solution provides a clear, competitive advantage to the organization through the use of new and innovative technology.  PHH Connect, the fleet industry’s first mobile application for fleet drivers, ensures that drivers can handle important fleet functions as quickly and effortlessly as possible, resulting in greater productivity and satisfaction for both the user and PHH staff.
PHH Connect was designed to enhance the driver’s experience in interacting with PHH. Once the app is downloaded, all the services are automatically available, and drivers do not need to log in each time they use the app. And when it comes to entering mileage, they can even do it while they’re sitting in the vehicle (hopefully not driving) looking at the odometer. The innovative melding of mobile technologies across multiple platforms and backend website used by the PHH Arval team solidified our choice; and, as such, we are proud to present the Best Practice Award for Technology Innovation to The PHH Arval Team.


Technology Innovation

First Runner- Up:  Post Office Limited & Kalido
We are pleased to recognize the collaboration of the UK Post Office Limited and Kalido in presenting a First Runner- Up award for Technology Innovation.  The award recognizes the scope of this effort within the five-year strategy to transform 12,000 post office branches handling billions of transactions annually into a commercially competitive enterprise.    It’s impressive that the project scope included establishing a single reference data source across functions and partners.  This approach, combined with a  proactive governance and a carefully aligned compensation structure, represents best practices for both technology innovation and project success.   The ability to provide not only reference data, but business intelligence across such a challenging data landscape, represents a competitive advantage upon which strategic insights can be gleaned and future services can be delivered.  It is on this basis that we wish to congratulate the project team on their worthy goal and project delivery success.


Information Security

First Place: The Bank of New York Mellon
Social media is fast becoming a mainstream application within large enterprise, and we want to recognize the exemplary effort of The Bank of New York Mellon (BNY Mellon)  in creating a policy that defines and governs the acceptable use of internal social media and collaborative tools. BNY Mellon  took a proactive approach to social media by purchasing software for use internally that allowed employees worldwide to create communities and collaborate on projects.  By 2009, business units using this tool had created 136 communities/discussion groups and 33 blogs, all of which are accessible by the company’s 45,000 employees worldwide.The rapid growth of social media sites within the bank quickly pushed the envelope of existing controls around security policies and procedures. Especially troublesome issues were how to protect confidential corporate data, and determine who had access to personal and private information. While acceptable use policies existed, accountability for security in social media was in a no- man’s land  among information security, legal services and global compliance. In September of 2009, BNY Mellon began their effort to establish policies for using social media and interactive collaborative tools internally. In June of 2010, BNY Mellon officially adopted “The Internal Social Media and Collaborative Tools Policy.”  In doing so, they went beyond policy and created a practical governance structure with teeth.  BNY Mellon documented how they established the governance framework, the security and “need to know” policies and the management and ownership of each network. For BNY Mellon, establishing ownership, responsibility and accountability along with periodic reviews of the access privileges and site contents were the keys to its success. Today, 23 lines of business and shared services are currently ensuring that every community of interest has been assigned a sponsor. The number of current blogs supported by the social media software has been reduced from 33 to 18; each of these has now been assigned an owner and a review committee. In addition, the companies marketing division has decide to create an “External Social Media Policy” using the “Internal Social Media and Collaborative Tools Policy” as a template.




Business Process Improvement:FIRST PLACE (TIE): United States Postal Service

Business Process Improvement: FIRST PLACE (TIE): Pershing LLC

Business Process Improvement: HONORABLE MENTION: Accenture

Information Security:FIRST PLACE: University of Chicago Medical Center & Layer 7 Technologies

Information Security:HONORABLE MENTION: The George Washington University & American University & Georgetown University

Storage Management & Virtualization: FIRST PLACE: Prudential

Technology Innovation: FIRST PLACE: PHH Arval



Business Process Improvement:FIRST PLACE (TIE) Bharti Airtel & technology partner IBM India Private Limited

Business Process Improvement:FIRST PLACE (TIE) Deutsche Bank AG

Business Process Improvement: HONORABLE MENTION Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey

Business Process Improvement: : HONORABLE MENTIONPrudential Douglas Elliman & Gig Werks

Technology Innovation: FIRST PLACE Citi & technology partner Alexander Interactive

Information Security:FIRST PLACE  United States Postal Service

Storage Management :FIRST PLACE Hilton Grand Vacations Club

Storage Management: : HONORABLE MENTION Grey Healthcare Group, a division of the Grey Global Group, and FalconStor Software


Business Process Improvement:First Place (TIE) Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

Business Process Improvement:First Place (TIE) Pershing LLC & Information Builders

First Place: Outsourcing Management Deutsche Bank & HCL Technologies Ltd.

First Place: Information Security Mass Mutual Financial Group & OpenService

First Place: TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION (TIE) Internal Revenue Service (IRS) & AT&T Government Services & TiVerity Consulting

First Place: TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION (TIE) Blackboard, Inc. & Scalent Systems



Honorable Mention: Business Process Improvement Smithfield

First Place: Information Security Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey & Forsythe Solutions Group

Honorable Mention: Information Security Verizon Wireless & Open Service

First Place: IT COMPLIANCE Verizon Business

First Place: SERVICE ORIENTED COMPUTING Motorola & AmberPoint

First Place: Technology Innovation Nationwide Insurance & TeraData

First Place: Outsourcing Management Deutsche Bank


First Place: BUSINESS PROCESS IMPROVEMENT  Nationwide Insurance Enterprise

First Place: INFORMATION SECURITY  Novartis & Qualys, Inc.

Honorable Mention: INFORMATION SECURITY Citigroup--CIB Tech

First Place: SERVICE ORIENTED COMPUTING Horizon BCBSNJ & Microsoft Corporation

First Place: OUTSOURCING MANAGEMENT J. & W. Seligman & Globix & Harte-Hanks & BitLathe

First Place (co-winner): IT COMPLIANCE  Citigroup

First Place (co-winner): IT COMPLIANCE U.S. Postal Service & Harris Corp. & Internet Security Systems

First Place (co-winner): TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION MCI – IMPACT Network Management

First Place (co-winner): TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION The Corcoran Group

First Place (co-winner): TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION Noble Group-Fleet Management Limited

Honorable mention: TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION Merrill Lynch & Softricity, Inc.

Honorable mention: TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION Pershing LLC



Honorable Mention: TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION Deutsche Bank, Execution Services


First Place: BUSINESS CONTINUITY Calpine Corporation and Iron Mountain

First Place: BUSINESS PROCESS IMPROVEMENT Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey & Dakota Imaging, Inc., a WebMD company

Honorable Mention:BUSINESS PROCESS IMPROVEMENT New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation and Business Logic, Inc.



First Place: Business Continuity Planning PHH Arval

Honorable Mention: Business Continuity Planning FleetBoston Financial Crisis Management Program

First Place: B2B E-Commerce Citigroup

First Place: Business Process Improvement TruServ and Business Objects

First Place: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey and Siebel Healthcare

First Place : Information Security Astoria Federal Savings

Honorable Mention: Information Security Citigroup and eEye Digital Security

First Place: Project Management Pershing LLC

First Place: (TIE) Technology Innovation South Carolina Department of Health & Human Services and Novell

First Place: (TIE) Technology Innovation Citigroup



First Place: Business Continuity Planning Prudential Financial

First Place: B2B E-Commerce New York State Insurance Department

First Place: B2C E-Commerce IBM WebSphere Commerce and CareTouch -

 Honorable Mention: B2C E-Commerce Gateway

First Place: Business Process Improvement Deutsche BankGlobal Securities Services and Trace Datawise Financial, Ltd. and Cap Gemini Ernst & Young U.S. LLC

First Place: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Prudential Financial

First Place: Enterprise Management Citigroup

First Place: Helpdesk  Prudential Financial

Honorable Mention: Helpdesk  Bobcat Company and SEI Information Technology

First Place (Tie): Information Security Prudential Financial and Access360

First Place (Tie): Information Security George Washington University and PentaSafe

First Place: Technology Innovation  Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc. and Mindjet LLC

Honorable Mention: Technology Innovation TQ3 Maritz Travel Solutions


Disaster Recovery Management Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, NYC

B2B E-Commerce Prudential U.S. Consumer Group

B2C E-Commerce

Business Process Improvement Ryder and eCredit

Enterprise Management Census Bureau, Computer Services Division, Bowie Computer Center

Help Desk Prudential Corporate Technology Services

Information Security NTT America and Camelot

Technology Innovation State of California and Verity, Inc.


B2B E-Commerce GE Aircraft Engines with Enigma & Spaceworks

B2C E-Commerce & WebCollage

Enterprise Management Prudential Insurance Company of America

Business Process Improvement Prudential Insurance Company of the Americas

Information Security Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Technology Innovation NSW TAFE & Getronics


Business Process Improvement Time, Inc.

Business Process Improvement Honorable Mention Data General

Enterprise Management AmeriServe Food Distribution

Help Desk New York Times

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