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Since our first conference in 1994, Technology Managers Forum events have elicited raves from both IT managers and technology providers. Following are just a few of the many unsolicited testimonials we have received from both TechForum members and event sponsors over the years. References are also available upon request.

Attendee Testimonials

"TechForum is the most informative and educational organization I have ever been associated with. I´ve been part of some really good organizations in my time, however they really do pale in comparison to the group that you have put together."

CIO, Fortune 500 company

"I found Security Forum to be an excellent investment of my time... the personal networking was outstanding."

VP IT, Fortune 100 company

"I attended the last event and it was simply excellent. The organization was impeccable and the speakers were interesting, captivating and informative. I most certainly enjoy what you do. It's a rare occasion when industry events stay focused and avoid hype and advertising."

Director IT, Fortune 50 company

"The conference was great! The topics were of importance to me and I'm sure to most others that attended. It really is helpful to talk with others that are experiencing similar challenges."

AVP IT, Fortune 100 company

"Thank you again for a great event. I've been to a number over the years and in one day I feel I learned more through your format than others that were several days."

VP IT, Fortune 500 company

"TechForum is a special organization that serves a real need among the technology community. It provides real bang for the buck for both the IT managers and the vendors alike."

VP IT, Fortune 50 company

"Big Pluses: (1) Organization: As usual, you did a phenomenal job. It flowed so smoothly and all was arranged so professionally. I wish every event I attended and/or participated in were so well done. (2) Attendees/speakers: Wow! Talk about a who's who both in terms of speakers and most importantly in terms of participants. Couldn't ask for more. (3) Panels: Vendors highlighted industry information without focusing on their proprietary solutions or making an obvious sales pitch."

CISO, Fortune 1000 company

"Bravo to you and your team. You showed considerable sensitivity and intelligence in your program choices. I could tell from conversations with the participants that everyone felt the presentations were on point and struck the right tone. Your professionalism is exceptional, as usual."

IT Manager, Fortune 50 company

"Congratulations to all of you for a magnificient job."

VP IT, Fortune 50 company

"I just wanted to thank you for a wonderfully orchestrated and productive conference. It was a smashing success."

CTO, Fortune 500 company

"The best part of the panels is that they're a combination of real world (end-user) and vendor. This gives two viewpoints, which is important...a kind of checks and balances."

Director IT, Fortune 1000 company

"What a terrific event! From start to finish the conference was very professional and extremely topical. The setting and food were wonderful. Your staff was a big help and the group friendly. It seems that not only have you attracted top leaders to be members, but they feel part of a special club."

Director Security, Fortune 500 company

"Once again I commend you on an outstanding conference."

CTO, Fortune 2000 company

"TechForum happens to be one of the few organizations that make a positive contribution to its members and their businesses."

IT Director, Fortune 100 company

"The event was well prepared and on-topic… the best IT event I have ever attended."

Director, IT, Fortune 500 company


Sponsor Testimonials


"It's fair to say I have worked and attended close to a thousand events. This was the most qualified group of IT professionals that I have ever mingled with. This out-performed at high priced resorts that are supposed to be ‘exclusive events."

Marketing Director, Bronze Sponsor

"My experience with you and your organization has been far and above the best that I have had with any IT affiliation or group that has worked with me…Technology Managers Forum is the only group to date that I will endorse within my organization."

Sales Manager, Silver Sponsor

"I thoroughly enjoyed Security Forum last week! We're so very fortunate to have stumbled onto it. In one morning, I realized what an extremely well selected group you've assembled. These are folks who are living what we're talking about-constructing and running enterprise-level, mission-critical environments."

Marketing Director, Silver Sponsor

"Thank you for an incredible event. I know I speak for everyone here when I say the attendees were very refreshing in that they were the right level. It was a pleasure to have such a well qualified group. We're huge fans of the events you put on and look forward to a long partnership."

VP Marketing, Silver Sponsor

"I heard that the event was excellent and that the questions that were asked during the panel discussion were fantastic!!!!!! I have to say that we have NEVER been disappointed with any of the events that you put on! They are always quality events with quality attendees!"

Marketing Programs Supervisor, Silver Sponsor

"Congratulations on organizing and hosting such a wonderful and successful event. In my conversations with those present, all were highly enthusiastic about both the format, as well as what they were learning. For certain, our team was pumped upon return from the conference! The level of the attendees was impressive, and the amount of interest we received was beyond our expectations. I will most welcome the opportunity of working with you again."

CEO, Silver Sponsor

"Probably the best enterprise class show I have ever attended where we had the ability to meet and get intimate with IT professionals. I would recommend that we pursue these types of venues in the future."

VP Sales, Bronze Sponsor

"Thank you Priscilla! Having done a few of these over the years, I must say that you are the best moderator/organizer I have ever worked with and that made all the difference. It was a pleasure working with you and meeting the fellow panel members."

Founder & CTO, Silver Sponsor

"We walked away with several solid leads and I do believe face time with customers is the best way to increase brand awareness."

Marketing Director, Silver Sponsor

"I always enjoy your events and so does the NY team. They feel this is one of the most valuable marketing activities I do for them!"

Marketing Director, Gold Sponsor

"Thank you again for having me on the panel. The whole day was an excellent and extremely informative experience, and it was a genuine pleasure to participate..."

Product Manager, Silver Sponsor

"I just got a call from [our CTO], and he said that doing the keynote for the TechForum today was some of the most fun he’s had as a speaker in the last few years."

Director, Gold Sponsor

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