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TechForum's Security Forum:Trends in Enterprise Security
March 23rd, 2017  8AM-4:30PM, The Metropolitan Pavilion, 123 W. 18th St, NYC

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TechForum's Security Forum Agenda

TechForum's Security Forum: Trends in Enterprise Security is a one-day conference for top enterprise security and network infrastructure professionals who work for mid-range and Fortune1000 companies in the New York tristate region.. The format we follow is part-presentation and part-panel discussion. For an example of past agendas, go to our Recent Agendas page.


Agenda- Panel & Keynote Topics


PANEL: From Impossible Dream to Business Mandate: Using Threat Intelligence to Manage Cyber Risk and Automate Incident Response

Threat Intelligence comes in as many flavors as there are models for calculating risk. Most mature organizations have developed unique formulas for weighting their particular risks whether they are operational, financial or reputational. But it comes down to business success in an increasingly digital world, defining metrics for cyber risk may be the one to rule them all. Risk managers at the highest levels of large enterprise are scanning threat intelligence resources and developing analytics that automatically collect and correlate the data necessary to track and remediate a security incident. In this panel we ask business risk managers and cybersecurity professionals who serve a variety of industries to discuss strategies that proactively manage and automate incident response and remediation.

PANEL: Cloud Security Best Practices 2017: Building a Security Governance Framework with Cloud as the New Normal

Cloud computing is undeniably a component of IT infrastructure that has many known and unknown security vulnerabilities. In this panel, CISO’s, DevOps leaders, network Infrastructure professionals and Cloud Access Brokers will debate the best practices for cloud migration and cloud security governance. This will be workshop approach to Cloud Security and Governance.  Enterprise practitioners will share their collective expertise what applications should be in the cloud, what databases should stay and their strategies for monitoring multiple contracts.

PANEL: Security for Web Apps, Mobile Users and the IoT Invasion: Retooling for Attack Vectors that Won’t Go Away
The productivity mandates around web applications, mobile access and internet enabled devices have pushed us to embrace technology solutions that change and sometimes de-stabilize the way we conduct commerce. Now that we are seeing successful DDoS attack using IoT, yet another threat vector has suddenly been added to the security agenda. This panel is about how we can harden our security practice when the internet bites back.  Our panelists work in different industries and they are audit and compliance professionals, security architects and infrastructure engineers. Drawing on their own discreet experiences they will discuss strategies for preventing data loss through mobile and internet connected applications and devices. We will explore (1) how to improve security in the software development life cycle; (2) trends in network infrastructure that may give us better web application performance and security; and (3) how we can gain visibility and control over identity and data access with mobile users. And finally with audience participation, we hope to informally benchmark current IoT security efforts and how we think security policy will change.

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TechForum's Security Forum Sponsorship Information


We have Sponsorship levels to meet all budgets. Gold Sponsors are given a 30 minute solo speaking and presentation session; Silver Sponsors participate in a panel discussion; and Bronze Sponsors participate as exhibitors. All sponsorships come with free wireless, free electricity, free attendance at all presentations, all meals and snacks with attendees, and tabletop exhibit space, with dedicated exhibit time with attendees. In addition, we work with each Sponsor individually to make sure you make the most of your time with us, and are happy to answer any questions you may have throughout and before the event.


For Sponsorship information for TechForum's Security Forum: Trends in Enteprise Security, please contact us through our website, or call Priscilla Tate, our executive director, at 212-787-1122. We'd love to hear from you !


TechForum's Security Forum Attendee Profile & How to Apply to Attend


Security Forum is an invitation-only event for end user IT managers at non-IT vendor firms only. IT vendor firms must sponsor our events in order to attend. This vendor category includes consulting firms, IT service providers, integrators, managed services, etc.


If you are an end-user IT manager at a mid-to- large size firm you may apply to attend here.


Attendance is offered on a case-by-case basis. Applicants must be currently employed, end-user IT managers who hold senior titles of SVP, VP, CISO, CIO, CTO, CSO, director, or manager, at organizations with $50 million revenue or more. Technology providers, consultants and other companies who sell their IT-related products and services, including IT managed services, must sponsor in order to attend. The majority of attendees are in the Fortune 1000. Attendees must be pre-qualified in order to attend. All attendees must be pre-registered and receive a confirmation from TechForum.  No walk-ins are accepted.


TechForum's Security Forum Venue & Directions


TechForum's Security Forum is held at The Metropolitan Pavilion, 123 W. 18th St. NYC, which is between 6th and 7th Avenues and close to all major subway lines and PATH trains. Directions can be found here.





















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