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If you've received an invitation to apply to attend a TechForum event, you still must be confirmed by us personally.

Upon receipt of your application, you'll receive notification of your application status by email.

To make sure we save you a trip, we remind applicants that we do not accept walk-ins, and attendance must be accompanied by a confirmation.

Any questions, or if you have not received a reply from us within 24 hours, please contact us. 

Attendance guidelines

TechForum events are exclusive, invitation-only private conferences for end-user IT managers and mid-to-large companies.  We’ve established an audience qualification process to ensure that our target audience goals are being met, and tickets are distributed on a case-by-case basis, based on job title and responsibilities and company.  

Consideration for free attendance is reserved for end-user IT managers who hold senior IT management job titles (CISO, CIO, VP, Director, Manager) at large companies which do not sell IT solutions, products or services.  ​Technology providers must sponsor in order to attend. 

Granting of complimentary attendance is at the discretion of TechForum, and based upon, but not limited to, job title, company size, location, industry, competitive considerations, and available space. We review and accept registrations based on these criteria. 


Kindly take a look at the below guidelines, and in order to save us and yourself time and effort,  do not apply to attend unless you and your company meet these guidelines. 


1:You must have an IT management title: (eg: VP, Director, Manager, CISO, CIO) .  No sales, owner, consultant, marketing, account manager titles, etc. 


2: Companies must be non-IT vendors, and should have 50 employees or more with $50 million or more in revenue in order to be considered.

3:  IT vendor, IT solution provider, or IT consulting firms, regardless of job titles, will not be admitted except as sponsors. Please visit our Sponsorship page for more information. 

4: We do not admit press, professional organizations, students, educators, consultants, recruiters, or start-ups to attend

UPDATE as of  July 30th: TechForum's Security Forum conference on April 2nd has been postponed (exact date TBA) due to concerns about COVID-19. We will be doing an in-person event in NYC when New York State allows meetings of our size to take place, and companies located here allow their employees to attend live events. Our tentative date will be late March- early April of 2021. 

In the meantime, please check out our TechForum Webchat series aimed at addressing enterprise security issues.

You can also access our Remote Sessions from our Sponsors. 
Questions? Contact us through our Contact Form and we'll get right back to you.

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