TechForum's Executive Team


Priscilla Tate, Founder & Managing Director


Priscilla Tate is the founder and managing director of Technology Managers Forum (TechForum), an association which has a current membership of over 800 IT managers who work for mid-range and F1000 organizations in New York. Prior to founding Technology Managers Forum in 1994, Ms.Tate had a career in enterprise technology management, working at Citibank, EF Hutton and Manufacturers Hanover Trust (now Chase). She was also a very active participant in the user group movement both in the US and in Europe. Today, Ms.Tate produces Security Forum, an invitation-only conference held twice yearly in New York City, and consults with companies who want to expand their reach into large enterprise organizations.


During her rich and varied technology career she has worked as an author and editor for numerous trade publications and she hosted and produced weekly radio shows and podcasts. She is a sought after moderator for industry panels, including the Computerworld Premier 100 and the RSA Conference in San Francisco. Both SC Magazine and the Global Mobile Awards have tapped her to serve as a judge of enterprise products and services.


Ms. Tate graduated from Duke University with a BA in History and an MA in Art History. She also studied at the Freie Universitat in Berlin with a scholarship administered by the Fulbright commission. She was a Columbia Fellow and did graduate work at Columbia University.

Victoria Adams, Membership Director


Victoria Adams joined Technology Managers Forum (TechForum) during its first year, in 1994. She is responsible for membership development, sponsorship relations, program development for the twice-yearly Security Forum conferences, marketing, website development, and all aspects of TechForum event production.  Ms. Adams is also responsible for ensuring the quality of TechForum events, specifically through enforcement of our strict attendance requirements and membership policy.

Prior to Technology Managers Forum, Ms. Adams worked as a manager in the executive dining industry at Time, Inc. and Altria.

Ms. Adams graduated summa cum laude with a BA in English from Fordham University. 

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