TechForum Membership

Membership benefits

  • Complimentary attendance at twice -yearly TechForum Security Forum conferences.

  • Qualified coworkers /members of your team are invited to attend as your guests. 

  • CPE credit certificate (5-6) for each event. 

  • Speaking opportunities on panels. Each TechForum event has 10-15 member speakers and moderators.  Speakers earn extra CPES. Volunteers welcome! 

  • Networking with your peers in a convivial environment. Because we are invitation-only, small conferences with no media or recordings allowed, our events are conducive to job search and information exchange in a way other events are not. 

Membership requirements

TechForum events are exclusive, invitation-only private conferences for end-user IT managers and mid-to-large companies. Technology providers must sponsor in order to attend.


Applications for complimentary attendance are considered on a case-by-case basis, and reserved for end-user IT managers who hold senior IT management job titles (CISO, CIO, VP, Director, Manager) at large companies which do not sell IT solutions, products or services.


Granting of complimentary attendance is at the discretion of TechForum, and based upon, but not limited to, job title, company size, location, industry, competitive considerations, and available space. We review and accept registrations based on these criteria.

Companies that sell IT solutions or products, including consultants and IT integrators, are not eligible complimentary attendance, but are welcome to join TechForum events as Sponsors.

Application for TechForum membership 

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