For the non-IT manager: What is GDPR, and why you should care

Priscilla Tate, Executive Director of TechForum, not only moderates the panels at our own events, but is frequently asked to put together panels for other events and firms interested in educating employees on IT matters. This week, Ms. Tate conducted and moderated a panel on “Privacy Matters” at a Fortune 500 firm in Connecticut. The panel was comprised of five senior IT executives directly responsible for compliances issues at their firms, which ranged from a major healthcare firm to a large university. The focus? GDPR compliance and its impact on employees, even those not directly working in IT. The panel looked at the some of the specific GDPR requirements and discussed some of the challenges they have encountered on the road to GDPR readiness. The goal of the panel was to introduce to how compliance regulations and protecting the privacy of personal data in the digital age has become a different and challenging business proposition. One of the points we gleaned from this event: That GDPR privacy goes deeper than encryption, but includes knowing it you are using data for the purpose for which it was collected. This is the ongoing challenge of GDPR. And those on the panel concluded what many of us suspected: within a few years, US will have regulations about privacy a la GDPR.


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