Sponsor Checklist


ASAP: Company logo and description

ASAP: Speaker name, contact info, and bio, if applicable 
2 weeks before or earlier (if possible): Staff names, job titles, and email addresses
2 weeks before or earlier (if possible): Raffle gift description (if applicable-see below)

1 week before or earlier (if possible): Order a monitor if you need one from the AV company Worldstage  

1 week before or earlier (if possible): Sign Privacy Policy


If you are planning on shipping equipment or materials to the conference, please ship them to arrive no earlier than the Tuesday before the Thursday event. 

Boxes must be labeled EXACTLY as follow or your box may not arrive on the right floor:  
To: Metropolitan Pavilion
ATTN: Devon Greenbaum Tel: 212-463-0200 
Address: 124 West 19th St. Floor 4, The Gallery
New York, NY 10011
Special Instructions: (Your company name) for TechForum, (DATE OF EVENT) , (YOUR COMPANY NAME)

Please label your boxes clearly as follows:
Box _ of _ (eg box 1 of 4)


WIRELESS AND ELECTRICITY:  TechForum provides electricity for your table as well as a wireless hot spot--at no cost to you. Your sponsorship cost includes these fees.


ORDERING MONTIORS/ AV: (for a monitor if you need it for your table): Order this from the AV company serving the event, Worldstage: To order contact Joey Martinez at joey.martinez@worldstage.com. Let us know if you do not get a response.


EXHIBIT ROOM SETUP DISPLAYS AND SIGNAGE: All sponsors are in one room. You're provided with a 6 foot long table with tablecoth. You need to provide your own signage in the form of logoed tablecloth, banner, pop-up display, etc. Please do not send a trade-show type diplay, which is too large for the event and not necessary. Po-up displays work best. To see typical setups, look at photos in the TechForum Gallery on the sidebar.


SETUP IS 6:00AM- 7:45AM THE DAY OF THE EVENT. EVENT STARST AT 8AM. NO NIGHT-BEFORE SETUP. Tables are set up on the day of the conference. The facility cannot be accessed the night before. The venue will be avaialble for arrival of your staff for setup at 6:30AM. Our staff will be on hand to help you get your materials positioned. PLease make sure that if you ship boxes they are labeled exactly as follows:


RAFFLES:Please consider particiaping in the raffle.Raffles are held at the end of the day, and help retain attendees as they must be present to win. Even though this is not a "grabby" crowd it is a great way to get business cards and have a chance to introduce yourself. Frequently offered raffle gifts are: $50 gift cards, electronic gadgets, Apple watches, etc. Company-specific items such as software or services, or logo-ed clothing, are not considered raffle gifts and should be given away at your table. If you intend to raffle something, please let us know in advance. We will organize the raffle and choose the winners from your raffle basket—which we will provide for you along with a sign.  Since winners must be present to win, please bring/ send your gift to the event (gift cards can be emailed after the event to recipient).


STAFF NAMES FOR BADGES, AND NUMBER OF PASSES: Gold Sponsors may send 5 people plus one speaker; Silver Sponsors may send 3 people plus 1 speaker. Bronze sponsors may send 2 people.Please do not send more than your allotted number without prior agreement with TechForum, even if they are switching off during the day. If you send more than your allotted amount of staff, you will be charged for the extra staff person/s after the event (see contract), as TechForum is charged for each person who walks into the event. Staff must be pre-registered, preferably at least one week before the event. Please send name, job title, and email for each attending staff member to Victoria Adams. Note: If you wish to add a staff member this is something we may consider on a case- by- case basis, and you will need to pay for the extra person. Contact us for pricing and availability.


STAFF MAY ATTEND ANY AND ALL PRESENTATIONS AND LUNCHEON: Traffic in exhibit area is during exclusive exhibit time through out the day and your staff will be welcome to observe hte panel discussions and presentations and of course encouraged to attend the luncheon and sit with attendees.


DIRECTIONS: See our Venue Directions page for all subways and mass transit, driving directions etc. Metropolitan Pavilion entrance is at 123 W. 18th Street ( 123 is a smaller doorway a few feet east from the main entrance at 125), between 6th and 7th Ave in NYC. It is one block from the #1 and is easily accessible to PATH and all major subways from 14 Street stations.


VENDOR MAPS (NO BOOTH NUMBERS): We do not assign booth numbers. You will not need a vendor map to find your table--all tabletops will be in the same room and easy to find when you arrive.  Generally we have 16- 20 sponsors.


BREAKDOWN TIME  is during last panel of day (see agenda for event online): Breakdown of tables can take place after the end of the event, around 4:15PM.


SHIPPING BOXES BACK: Please remember to include shipping slips for sending materials back. We will call in the FedEx and UPS pickup, but if you use another carrier, please arrange for pickup yourself at the same address as where your items were sent.


GIVE-AWAYS/INCENTIVES. If you’re distributing incentives, bring enough for about 100 persons.


ATTENDEE LIST: Registrant lists with contact information will be distributed to all exhibitors and sponsors the day after the conference. Contact Victoria Adams at 212-787-1122. You MUST sign our privacy policy.  Some registrants may choose to withhold their information—we must honor that.

ACCOMMODATIONSClick here for a list of hotels recommended by the Metropolitan Pavilion.


STAFF MAY ATTEND ANY AND ALL PRESENTATIONS AND LUNCHEON: Traffic in exhibit area is during exclusive exhibit time through out the day and your staff will be welcome to observe the panel discussions and presentations and of course encouraged to attend the luncheon and sit with attendees.

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