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Privacy Policy


Please read this policy before you submit any information to us, or apply to attend an event, or attend an event, as in using our services, you consent to the use of your information as delineated below. This privacy statement discloses the type of information we collect, and how we use it to communicate with our customers.


Our Customers (including Event Attendees, Registrants, and Sponsors)

This policy applies to all customers of Technology Forum, Inc., who include, but aren’t limited to, our event sponsors and event attendees, applicants to attend events, those who inquire about events, and other individuals with whom Technology Forum, Inc. maintains business relationships or communications.


Customer Information and Use

Two main types of information are collected about our customers:


1: Professional Information includes, but is not limited to, name, address, company name, company address, phone number, and email address. Contact information of Technology Forum, Inc. event registrants may be shared with event sponsors for the purpose of facilitating business relationships. Before receiving contact information, event sponsors are required to agree to a Privacy Policy individually that guarantees any contact will be accompanied by a method of removal from a list, and post-event contact be done with discretion. The policy event sponsors must sign can be viewed at . Technology Forum, Inc. cannot guarantee sponsor adherence to this, but any breaches of communication etiquette by event sponsors have in the past been rare, and are taken seriously and addressed directly by Technology Forum Inc with event sponsors upon customer notice or concern (see contact information below).


2: Financial Information is payment information used for or gathered during the sponsorship payment process and includes, but is not limited to, credit card numbers, financial institutions, and expiration dates. This information is not used for any purpose other than that for which it is being provided to us, and is used only to the extent necessary for processing the transaction or to facilitate future transactions.


Opting Out

Technology Forum, Inc. will accept, implement and maintain any customer request to opt out of future communication from Technology Forum, Inc. Sponsors, as noted above, are required to abide by an opt-out policy of their own, but if you have any issues with one of our event sponsors, please contact us. If you would like to opt out of communications you are receiving from Technology Forum, Inc., please email us at Also, all marketing emails from Technology Forum Inc. contain a link for immediate unsubscribe from our lists.


Policy Changes

Technology Forum, Inc. reserves the right to review and change this Policy. Policy changes may be made without prior notice to existing customers. Policy revisions only apply to information gathered as of the effective date of the revised policy, unless we give you notice and choice as to the changes in use, in which case all information is subject to the new policy.


Review and Correction of Customer Information or Other Questions

If you have any questions or concerns about your customer information or your request to opt-out of communications from Technology Forum, Inc. or its third party partners, or if you would like to review the information we've collected about you, please call or write our Privacy Administrator:

Technology Forum, Inc.
160 Riverside Drive 4E
New York, NY 10024
Phone: 212-787-1122

The effective date of this policy as posted is March 24th, 2016.

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