Trends in Enterprise Security 

Thursday, April 4th, 2019 8AM- 4:30PM 
Metropolitan Pavilion
123 W. 18th Street, NYC
VP,Product & Engineering, NetWitness
Senior Director, Information Security & Service Management
Seton Hall University
WW Director of Channel
& Systems Engineering 
Director of DevOps
BNY Mellon|Pershing
Enterprise Solutions Engineer
Duo Security
Head of Solutions Engineering
Joint Industry Board of the Electrical Industry (JIBEI​)
Director of Cyber Risk
VP, Senior Cyber Incident Response Analyst
BNY Mellon
Manager IT Assets & Vendor Relations
Skadden, Arps
VP, Strategic Partnerships
Director of Information Security
Pall Corp.
Director, Product Security & Assurance, Bug Bounty
Verizon Media
Director, Global Accounts, Financial Services
VP, Risk Operations Manager
GM Cyber Business Unit
Director of IT
Country Life, LLC
Founder & Managing Director
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April 4, 2019 


April 4th, 2019


Thursday, April 4th, 2019
123 W 18th St. NYC 8AM-4:30PM 

8:00-9:00AM Registration with Continental Breakfast and  Exhibits 

9:00-9:05AM Opening Remarks: Priscilla Tate, Founder and Managing Director, TechForum

9:05-9:35AM   The ”Access from Anywhere” Fallacy of Cloud Infrastructure: Managing Operational Risk at the Edge of Your Network
Marshall Kuypers, Director of Cyber Risk, Expanse 

The proliferation of cloud technologies has created new classes of risk for organizations. It’s easier than ever for employees to circumvent security processes, and the distributed nature of cloud makes it difficult for IT teams to detect exposures. In this talk, we’ll discuss common cloud risks, their causes, and why they’re risky. You’ll learn strategies to identify rogue IT devices, and ways to stop them from proliferating in the first place.

9:35-9:50AM Exhibits and Snack Break

9:50-10:40AM  PANEL: Going Agile: The Impact of Digital Transformation on Cybersecurity Strategy 
Moderator: Priscilla Tate, Founder and Managing Director, TechForum

Sean Poris, Director, Product Security & Assurance, Bug Bounty, Verizon Media
Derek Evans, Director of DevOps, BNY Mellon|Pershing

Christopher Nicodemo, Director of Information Security, FreeWheel

Joe Gonzalez, Enterprise Solutions Engineer, Duo Security 
Michael Adler, VP, Product & Engineering, Netwitness, RSA Security

10:40-11:10AM Exhibits and Snack Break

All Data is Security Data: Why Business, Third Party, & Historical Context is More Critical Than Ever for Your SOC

Julian Waits, GM Cyber Business Unit, Devo Technology  

11:40AM-12:10PM Exhibits and Snack Break

12:10-12:40PM  The Cybersecurity Silo Stumbling Block: Tools That Unify Security Intelligence on Your Network in Real Time 

Bob Noel, VP, Strategic Partnerships, Plixer 
There is no shortage of high profile, well-funded brands that have become victims of cyber-attacks. As long as network and security teams operate as independent silos with separate workflows, bad actors will have the upper hand. Although NetOps and SecOps share responsibility for user experience, business alignment, and risk management, they rarely share data in real time. This session will explore how creating a unified network and security intelligence data lake will lower operational expense, reduce product overlap, and identify threats much earlier in the kill chain process.

12:40-1:20PM Luncheon and ExhibitsLunch includes: Sandwiches:  Grown-Up Chicken Sandwich: Herb Grilled Chicken, Vine Ripened Tomato, Saffron Mayo, Pea Shoots;  Turkey Santa Fe:  Grilled Apple, Cheddar, and Chipotle Mayo; Upscale Caprese (Vegetarian): Roasted Tomatoes, Baby Arugula & Balsamic Aioli on Rosemary Focaccia. Salads: Farro, Quinoa & Wheatberry Salad:Cranberries, Pecans and Citrus Vinaigrette (Vegan); Long Grain Wild Rice Salad: Golden Raisins, Apricots, Currants & Scallions, Citrus Dressing (GF, Vegan); Pasta Salad with Pesto: Fresh Vegetables & Pesto Sauce (Vegan). 

1:20-2:10PM PANEL: Automating Analytics & Threat Intelligence: Ask Not What the Machine Can Learn, Ask What You'll Gain in Business Resilience
Moderator:  Priscilla Tate, Founder and Managing Director, TechForum
Nasreddine Kroun, VP, Sr. Cyber Incident Response Analyst, BNY Mellon
Nicholas Viviano, Risk Operations Manager, Vice President, AllianceBernstein

Christopher Zeller, Director of IT, Country Life, LLC

Toni Buhrke, WW Director of Channel & Inside Systems Engineering, Forescout
Eric Rosenfeld, Director Global Accounts, Financial Services, RedSeal

2:10-2:30PM Exhibits and Dessert Break

2:30-3:00PM The Network is Dead! Long Live the Network! 
Trey Guinn, Head of Solutions Engineering, Cloudflare 

Traditional network security is ineffective in today's world of distributed clients and applications.  You can't install an antivirus client onto an IoT sensor and you can't ship a firewall to Salesforce and ask it to be installed for your traffic.  With traditional deployment of security controls no longer possible or effective, how should today's CISO protect their business and data?  Trey Guinn, head of solution engineering at Cloudflare, will describe the modern, cloud network architecture where security controls are deployed within the network.  Trey will discuss the benefits and risks of decoupling security controls from end client devices and data centers; and how to migrate to an architecture with security controls directly provided by the network.   

3:00-3:20PM Exhibits and Dessert Break

3:20-4:10PM PANEL: C
onverging Cybersecurity & Business Risk: When 3rd-Party Risk is Geopolitical, It's Not Just About Lost Data Anymore 

Moderator: Rise' Jacobs, CTO, Joint Industry Board of the Electrical industry (JIBEI​)
Naresh Podila, CISO, Pall Corp. 
Janet MacMillan, Manager IT Assets & Vendor Relations, Skadden Arps
Keith Barros, Senior Director, Information Security & Service Management, Seton Hall University

4:10-4:30PM Exhibits and Drawings for Door Prizes 


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