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Cybersecurity events by IT managers, for IT managers

Security Forum:
Trends in Enterprise Security   

Security Forum Overview 

Topics we address at Security Forum include:

Intelligence Blind Spots: Exposures, Priorities, and Best Practices for Attack Surface Management

New Tools and Strategies for Monitoring Cloud Application Security

Reduce the Risk of Hybrid Working: Pragmatic Cybersecurity Strategies

Targeted Linux Exploits and the Need for Cross-Platform Endpoint Detection Systems

The Rapid Growth of SaaS Applications in Large Enterprises: The Impact on Cloud Security

Microshard Technology Comes of Age: An Alternative to Encryption That Doesn’t Require Key Management

Why Attend? The TechForum Difference

If you're an end-user IT manager at a mid-to-large company, you'll find TechForum events are superior to any other conference you're invited to. Because we personally vet every attendee, and no one can pay to bypass our attendance restrictions, so you're assured of interacting with only your peers.  And as we limit the number of vendors, you don't have to struggle through a gauntlet of IT providers trying to attract your attention. Instead, you can have convivial discussions with a few select sponsors who send their best people to answer your questions. Most importantly, our events are closed to the press and recordings are prohibited. This ensures the discussions are of the highest level, with topics that truly address your ongoing concerns without sugarcoating or spin. It also means we draw the nest end user speakers instead of analysts or pundits, who may never actually have faced the issues they're talking about. TechForum's Security Forum is by IT managers--for IT managers. And best of all--we're free for qualified attendees

  • Get first hand insights from those facing challenges similar to yours

  • Have in-depth, one-to-one exchanges with IT innovators

  • Access peer group benchmarking information

  • Learn about cutting-edge security products and services from vendors who are enterprise-ready

  • Expand your personal and professional network



Technology Managers Forum/ TechForum is a membership organization comprised solely of end user IT managers.  Membership  and attendance to our events is free for qualified IT managers.

TechForum's Security Forum is a twice-yearly, invitation-only conference for practicing end-user IT managers at mid-to large companies, and exhibiting technology providers. In order to ensure the best possible networking and content, attendance is restricted to end-user IT managers, and offered on an individual, case-by-case basis.  


Founded in 1994, TechForum's Security Forum mission is to promote dialogue between buyers and sellers of technologies around the key cybersecurity and risk management issues facing large enterprise organizations.


TechForum's Security Forum takes a real-world approach to technologies which are fundamentally changing corporate IT. In our interactive panels and targeted presentations, IT managers who are implementing secure solutions in the enterprise engage with a select group of vendors in discussion.


If you want first-rate networking, along with a serious reality check of the promises and pitfalls of cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions, you'll want to be a part of this must-attend event for security managers. ​

About TechForum's Security Forum

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