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TechForum Webchat on-demand: Recorded Thursday, June 25th, 2020 

Managing Your Cyber Technical Debt Problem Portfolio: Getting to "Done" with Remediating Risk  

Access this webcast here (available July 3rd, 2020)  

Moderator: Priscilla Tate, President and Founder, TechForum
Panelists:  Peter Lashenick, Director: Cyber Technology, BNY Mellon

Patching is one way to fix known security weaknesses, but the problem with cyber risk exposures goes much deeper. In this TechForum webchat, Peter Lashenick, the Director of Cyber Technology at BNY Mellon, will shine a light on the "technical debt” in our cyber controls—those problems and flaws in our ecosystem we know about, but haven't fixed. His mandate is to develop a methodology that continuously tests and monitors cyber controls suggested by industry guidelines which will work efficiently in his organization’s unique risk environment. Join us for a colorful and candid exploration of how we need to move the ball forward when it comes to eliminating cyber risk. Peter has a can-do mentality, a storyteller’s sense of drama, and takes on the bureaucracy of governance with great respect. With all of these skills and backed by executive buy-in, Peter is on the way to “getting it done.”

TechForum Webchat on-demand: Recorded Thursday, June 4th, 2020 

What's Your Back-to-Work Strategy? Preparing for the Return of Remote Workers  


Access this webcast here 

Moderator: Priscilla Tate, President and Founder, TechForum
Panelists: Keith Barros, Sr. Director, Information Security & Service Management, Seton Hall University 
Danielle Wood, Sr. Director of Partner Service Delivery, Cybereason

In this webcast, TechForum President Priscilla Tate chats with member Keith Barros from Seton Hall University, and Danielle Wood from Cybereason, a sponsor of TechForum's Security Forum: Trends in Enterprise Security 2020, about IT security issues that enterprises need to address before our businesses shift back to a physical or hybrid workplace.

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